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Messe Rental is owned by Expo Turco Stand Design, Installation, and Manufacturing Company, which has been actively operating with its own factories and workshops in several European countries for 20 years. It provides Stand Design, Installation, and Manufacturing services to many countries, including Turkey, Germany, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

In response to increasing customer demands, Messe Rental was established with the aim of providing higher quality, solution-oriented, and faster services to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Our Audio and Visual Rental department supplies all the equipment you need and offers high-quality service. In addition to the rental products, we provide technical support, transportation, installation, planning, organization, and dismantling services.

The main countries where we provide Audio and Visual system rentals are Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, and Turkey.

We also offer Furniture Rental services. You can access our Furniture Rental catalog by clicking here.

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